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Kalyug meh kirtan Pardhaana

Live Gurbani Kirtan
Gurbani is composed of two words: 'Gur' meaning 'the Guru's' and 'bani' meaning 'word'. All the bani coming from our Guru "Guru Granth Sahib" is Gurbani. This is also referred to as Sachi Bani. The Guru’s word (Shabad, Gurbani) brings about a greater spiritual awareness and gives us an insight into our soul. In its company our soul can experience ecstatic flights into the spiritual world from where we return with priceless gems of knowledge and wisdom.  We can feel ourselves in the company of Divine Presence.
The style used to sing Gurbani is called "Gurmat Sangeet". In this style the text, Shabad is of prime significance and the music plays a supporting, albeit important, role. The Gurus specified the raag in which each hymn or Shabad should be sung. There are thirty-one raags are used in Guru Granth Sahib.
Gurbani TV Online
Gurbanitvonline is a Live 24 hrs Gurbani channel providing free streaming Shabad Gurbani service to sangat around the world. Gurbanitvonline was the first online service to provide Gurbani TV serving Sikh Community. It has been providing this service from Past 5 years. It as well Broadcasts Live Sikh Events From California .You can watch Live Kirtan Samagams, Live Sikh Events and Kirtan Videos.  
Gurbanitvonline Is Managed By Verbosity Consulting And is Non Profit Organization , Gurbanitvonline Broadcast Live Gurbani Programs For Free From USA ,Canada, India And Europe.

Live Gurbani TV Online